The American Dirt Track Racer


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    For 20 glorious year, from 1951 to 1971, dirt track racing lured some of the best racers and biggest characters to unpaved tracks scattered across the country. Rodger Ward, A. J. Foyt, Mario Andretti, Tony Bettenhausen, and Parnelli Jones are just some of the great drivers who accepted the dirt track challenge, piloting Kuzmas, Meskowskis, Watsons, and Kurtis-Krafts faster than conditions or physics would seem to allow.

    Laid out sideways, of foot on the floor, engines screaming, dirt flying, cars tearing around the rutted track, this was racing at its raw and raucous best. Each race was a chance to make a career, or end one-a mad scramble that tested every ounce of man and machine putting the best and luckiest in the winners circle and those who had luck had out in the "marble orchard." Veteran racing Joe Scalzo chronicles the kings, jesters, miracles, and disasters of dirt track racing's greatest era.

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