Shipping information

UPS, FedEx, and DHL Authorized Shipping Center

Authorized Shipping Center

We are an Authorized Shipping Center for UPS, FedEx, and DHL International.  This means that we can accept all pre-printed label drop-offs for UPS, FedEx, and DHL.  

We can also print labels for you (for example Amazon Returns) if you email to a friend and send them to us at shipanza@gmail.com.  

We can also create labels for you. So when you want to ship a package, come on in and we can help set that up.

We are unable to scan QR codes. (The funny square bar code) Please see below for that process.  

For DHL, we do have to schedule a pickup, so it will typically go out the next day.  

Amazon QR Codes/DirecTV equipment scanning

We are unable to scan QR Codes for Amazon returns.  Only UPS Corporate stores (The UPS Store) have that capability.  The closest one is in Temecula in the Stater Bros. parking lot.  However, you can go into your Amazon account, reject the return, and then request the return again.  When you get to the page to request the return label, there is a link that offers "3 other return options." (The number of return options could vary)  If you tap or click on that link, you'll see an option for UPS Preprinted label.  Click on that option and complete the return.  One of the last steps allows you to send or email the label to a friend.  Click or tap on that option and you can put our email address there.  Our email address is shipanza@gmail.com.  

For DirecTV Equipment scanning, only The UPS Store has that capability.  You can either take your equipment down the mountain to The UPS Store in Temecula, or, you can call DirecTV and request that the send or email you a label.  If needbe, you can forward

Shipping Costs

One of the questions we are asked often, is how much does it cost to ship my package.  There are three things that are factored in for shipping.

  1. How far it is going
  2. How much it weighs
  3. How big is the package

Typically, there is little you can control regarding the first item, how far it is going.  When you ask us for a quote, at a minimum, we will need the zip code.   This is typically what we will ask for first.

The second item is weight.  You may not know the exact weight.  When you bring your package to the Mercantile, we will weigh it.  Give us your best guess.  Please keep in mind that the shipping companies round up for all their numbers.  For example, if your package is 19 lbs and 1 oz, they round that up to 20 lbs.

The size of the package will be the next question.  We'll need to know height, width, and length.  Again, the shipping companies round up.  For example, if the length is 10.25 inches, they round that up to 11 inches.

Signature required and insurance cost a little more.  These costs will vary based on the type of signature (adult, any person, or person addressed to), time of year (Holiday season will cost more), and declared value will raise the cost of insurance.  Generally, UPS and FedEx include up to $100 of declared value insurance.

Postal Services

We offer the same postal services as the post office.  Currently, the postal carrier does not pick up at The Mercantile.  Any outgoing mail, we take to the post office ourselves.  If Robert and Terri are both there (or Randy), one of us does try to get to te Post office before they close.  Worst case, it will get to the post office before the post office opens the next morning.  We recognize that this is not ideal, but it is the best we can do at this time and we are working on other options.

Postal boxes

Yes, we have private postal boxes available.  These are not Post Office Boxes, but will work similar to that for you.  Here is the difference, you will get an actual address, so when you buy things online, or someone is sending you items that require an actual address, you provide your private postal box, which is our address, and a suite number.  This means that we can accept mail and packages on your behalf.  Anything too big for your box, we'll have behind the counter and a slip will be in your box to let you know you have a package.


Feel free to contact us.  If we don't answer our phone during business hours, we are with a customer.  Please leave a message and we'll call you back as soon as we can.